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What we offer

Heavy Duty Lathe Machines

In Lathe Machine Category. We have all the possible standard size of the Lathe Machine with their best specification and accessories. We gave every possible accessories along with every machine. If someone interested to customize their plan it can also be occur.

Heavy Duty Shaper Machine

In the Category of Shaper Machine. We have all the possible standard size of Shaper Machine along with the specification and accessories. In this package their is not customized plan hold....

Hydraulic Press

In the category of Hydraulic Press. We have all the possible capacity hydraulic press. Their range from 05 tons to 150 tons and no customized plan hold in this category.Hydraulic Press will provide along with standard accessories.

Our Imports & Pedestal Drill Machine

Date Will Update Soon

To Buy any machine tool please go to our import page to see Our imports. Transportation charges will apply on every shipping product from any place to place. For more information go to Transportation page

Do you need any thing releated to our machinery field?

Do you need the spare part of the machine, Any tool for the machine,electric motor and many more like these. If you want any one of these items you just provide some preliminary information and our team will contact you as soon as possible. or Email us at Sales@hlmpk.net

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