Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan
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For more than 14 years, companies around the world have depended on HLMPK

Hafiz Lathe Machines

Mechanical Workshop Solutions

Hafiz Lathe Machines specializes in high-end manufacturing and sales of Manual machine tools, machinery, and Auto Mobile machinery equipment design and research and development

There are the following Industrial Services are given below which we are providing since 2006.

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We build well-designed, user friendly machine tools products 30% faster and 10% less expensive as compared to quality & precision manners. We also provide industrial services for our clients

The complete manufacturing unit of machine tools industries and assembly. Click here to explore more about our services 

HLMPK also provide Design/Development services for new mechanical prototypes and more projects

HLMPK also deal to provide Casting & Heat Treatment Process

HLMPK also performring Metal Fabrication Works for different industrial requirments

HLMPK also provide local and international machining & repairing services of machine tools & auto line machinery.

HLMPK also providing Shippment services, Import / Export services for their clients requirments.