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Our History

Mr. Walayat Khan start this company with his beloved son Hafiz Muhammad Tahir in 2006 with their best and hardworking employee's and staff.

In the beginning we are only deal in the category of Lathe Machine production but after the successful period.We increase the one more extension of Shaper Machine in 2008.And after this we increase the extension further into Hydraulic Press's and Pedestal Drill Machine .In the beginning we just provide the machinery at our factory but in 2010 we started to export our machinery from Pakistan to Oman, Pakistan to Bangladesh, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan to South Africa and Pakistan to United Arab Emirates. So for this reason HLMPK also transport goods and machinery from Pakistan to Riaz Port- In Oman and From Pakistan to United Arab Emirates and Pakistan to Bangladesh.

After the great success in Pakistan our company providing their best service in other countries.

We start working in Oman since 2011. And recently we launced our office in United Arab Emirates.

Every this is possible in this world if you have faith in God and do your best efforts to complete it..

Muhammad Tahir, Sales Manager at "Hafiz Lathe Machines Pakistan"

" You are the best if you have believe in yourself. "

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Hafiz Muhammad Tahir

Cheif Exectuive of Hafiz Lathe Machines Pakistan from since 2006.

Muhammad Tahir

Head of Sales Department In Hafiz Lathe Machines Pakistan. He begin his journy in our company since 2010

Asghar Khan

Senior Mechnical Engineer & Head of Our Technical Department.He Start his journy in Hafiz Lathe Machines Pakistan since 2006.