Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan
+92 423 7395625 Mon - Sat 08:00 - 18:00 Plot 8-A Near Medicare Hospital, Abu Bakar Road, Badami Bagh Lahore.
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About The Company

Bringing transformational change in Machine Tools Industries, Pakistan

Hafiz Lathe Machines specializes in high-end manufacturing and sales of Manual machine tools, machinery, and Auto Mobile machinery equipment design and research and development. The company is under the jurisdiction of Industrial Area, Badami Bagh, Lahore province Punjab. Our products cover precision Lathe Machines, Shaper machines, Hydraulic Press, Pedestal Drill machines, Power Hacksaw, Pedestal Tool grinding machines, Boring Machines, and a wide range of automobile machinery [Drum Turning, Diesel laboratory, Cylindrical Grinding, Valve Grinding Machine.

Why Choose Us?

These are the key points to choose our products for your workshop.
  • Pioneer Manufacturers of Machine tools.
  • Non-Compromising Quality standards.
  • Low as low pricing as compared to the precision and quality materials.
  • Warranty of one year.
  • After-sale service with spare parts supply & maintenance facility.
  • Request to design & manufacture user customizable machine.

Our Story

Hafiz Lathe machines in Pakistan are the outcome of determination and discipline to achieve a level of quality of its products which may gain your confidence by way of their engineering, workmanship & stringent quality controls. HLMPK’s machines are engineered to precision, accuracy, and perfection. Their performance is the testimony of their durability and adherence to the international standards

. By virtue of our established manufacturing organization, technical skills, and professionalism in all fields. Our patrons have recognize us outrightly. Hafiz Muhammad Tahir who established the unit in 2006 under the brand name ‘Hafiz Lathe Machines’, today ranks as the most reputed manufacturer in the country, the unit was set up exclusively with the object of meeting the requirements of the machine tools industry.

Our Vision

Our mission is to lead in innovation as a machine tool supplier. Supply machine tools with the features of energy-saving, high-efficient and appropriate. To satisfy requirements for customers and to provide convenience for users, to create value for society, and to seek happiness for employees are our pursuits. Driving customer success and value creation is the key of HLMPK, we stick to giving top priority to the interest of customers by the innovation of product design and processing technology.

Material Productions90%
EPC Works100%
Customer Satisfaction85%
Utilization Rate90%

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Hafiz Lathe Machines specializes in high-end manufacturing and sales of Manual machine tools, machinery and Auto Mobile machinery equipment design and research and development

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